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The breakfast of champions

October 22, 2010

Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone is having a relaxing end of the work week and is excited for the weekend!

I have to say, I was about to start my weekend early and just sleep in, but I made myself roll out of bed and get to class.

Yes those are M&M’s on my yogurt. They were in my gift basket last night so I decided to add them to my yogurt this morning for a Friday treat. 🙂 This is CLEARLY the breakfast of champions. 😉 I normally do not have a big sweet tooth, but when I get one, I usually get them in the morning. It’s weird!

I went to class and attempted to concentrate, but filled out an application for Girls on the Run. It’s an amazing program I read about on Healthy Tipping Point. Please check out the two pages!!! 🙂

After class, I had a quick lunch (but wasn’t very hungry) so I threw together a quick sandwich with some leftover black beans, laughing cow cheese, ezekiel bread, and spinach.

I’m off to more classes! I can’t wait for the end of this busy day/ week!

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