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The Evergreen Pumpkin Run 5K

October 31, 2010

“Don’t live down to expectations. Go out there and do something remarkable.”  -Wendy Wasserstein

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope everyone has had a great start to their day. Today I ran in The Evergreen Pumpkin Run in Jacksonville, FL. This was a very EXCITING race! Oh, and did I mention that part of the run was in a cemetery? Creepy!!!

I woke up at 6:15 (with only 5 hours of sleep- I didn’t sleep well at all!) and had my familiar pre-race breakfast:

I also took some pre-race pictures. I apologize for looking so tired!

I can be a little silly on such little sleep!

Then I headed Downtown for the run. It was still pretty dark outside and it was a little chilly (around 54 degrees at the start). I arrived pretty early which was good because it was difficult to find parking! I drove up and down the street for a good 10 minutes before I decided to take my chances and park on the side of the road. I then rushed to go pick up my timing chip and then made a mad dash to the start line. There were SO many people at the start. Not only was there at 5K but there was also a 10 mile run. The 5K and the 10 milers all ran the beginning together- but more about that later.

It was difficult to figure out where I should start in the pack because there were over 1600 runners! I decided to go towards the front of the middle–BAD idea! After the cannon (yes, cannon, not a gun!) went off, we were literally doing a shuffle for a good minute. It took me 13 seconds to cross the timing mat (which isn’t too bad- my splits are in terms of when I crossed the timing mat, not the total time!). There were so many runners in front of me that it was frustrating for the first half mile. I tried to minimize how much I weaved in between people because I didn’t want to tire myself out (I had run over 6 miles only 24 hours prior). I finally got into a good groove and rhythm. I felt strong the first two miles but started to feel weak after the two mile mark. The 6 miles were getting to me. I told myself to lengthen out my stride, which helped a lot in terms of time.

The race was pretty well run, but I do have one complaint. At the three mile mark, the 10 mile runners turn right to continue their race while the 5K runners go straight to the finish line. Now, at the three mile mark, they had a water station. The path we were running on was fairly narrow and I had someone in front of me. I was trying to pass him but instead, he bumped me pretty hard as he was trying to get water. He apologized, but I don’t blame him at all! I think that it was poor planning to put the aid station there. Hopefully next year they can move it up .1 or .2 miles so it doesn’t interfere with the 5K finish.

Anyway, no harm, no foul! Despite running 6 miles the day prior and having only 5 hours of sleep, I ended up with a PR! The gun time was 23:47 but my chip time (and the time my splits are based off of) was 23:34!!! I’m counting the chip time as my PR!!! Haha. 🙂

Mile 1: 7:19
Mile 2: 8:03 (15:22)
Mile 3: 7:30 (22:52)
FINISH (3.1): 0:42 (23:34)

Oh, and to my surprise, I placed SECOND in my age division! 🙂 🙂 🙂

You can tell I was pretty excited!

After I arrived back to my apartment, I was STARVING! Inspired by my breakfast yesterday, I made another parfait, with a twist:

Pumpkin and Cranberry Parfait:

1/4 cup rolled oats
1/4 cup pumpkin
1 container of plain or vanilla Greek yogurt
1/2 cup fresh cranberries
Stevia and Cinnamon to taste

1) Put cranberries in the microwave for 40 seconds.
2) Crush with a fork.
3) Fill bottom of glass or bowl with half the oats.
4) Then layer yogurt, pumpkin, and cranberry.
5) Repeat steps 3 and 4.
4) Top with any remaining oats and sprinkle with cinnamon.

I hope everyone has a great Halloween! Tomorrow is the first day of November so I can start thinking about Thanksgiving! 🙂

How are you planning (or how did you) to spend your Halloween?

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