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2010 Lloyd Clarke Sports Turkey Trot 10K

November 25, 2010

“Great people and great athletes realize early in their lives their destiny, and accept it. Even if they do not consciously realize the how, the where, the what.”- Percy Wells Cerutty

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying a day of great food, family, and giving thanks! 🙂

This morning I ran the 2010 Lloyd Clarke Sports Turkey Trot 10K in Gainesville, FL. The course was a “friendly, off-road course through the beautiful turkey-filled forest… as well as the running trail encircling the entire perimeter of the campus…runners can choose between asphalt and grass in several areas.” Hmm… More on that later.

The race started rather late (8:30am), but I was up at 6:30! I  had absolutely no pain in my knees which was a relief! I had my pre-race fuel and iced my knees:

I also snapped a pre-race photo:

My parents came with me to the race for support. I was so happy that they came to support me, but it was weird to have someone there. Throughout this entire process I have been alone on long runs and at races, so it was a little overwhelming. But I love my parents and I am very appreciative that they woke up early to support me! 🙂

The race was fairly small. There were a couple hundred runners combined for the 10K and the 2 mile “fun run.”

While the race was run pretty smoothly, there were a few issues. First off, the bathrooms they had open were GROSS. Both the women’s and men’s rooms were FLOODED and the toilets would not flush. Eventually they did open another building for us to use, which was good.

The race was a local race, but we did have timing chips. However, there was no start mat so everyone’s time started at the same time, regardless of when they crossed the start line. My race time is different from the “official” time. I started my watch when I crossed the start line, so my splits reflect this.

The race started on pavement which was great. I was able to get a good start. However, things started to go down hill quickly.

I knew that part of the course would be on trails, but I did not know that it meant over 75%. I was not mentally, nor physically prepared for this. I have done trail work before, but nothing of this extreme. There were areas of the trail that was packed down well, but there were many parts that were loose, heavy sand. Needless to say, this was NOT good for the knees. This also was very exhausting and killed my pace quite a bit. The first three miles were spent trying to find a good pace, but after running over 2 miles on loose sand, I was tired by mile 4.

Mile 4 was honestly one of the most difficult miles I have ever ran. I was physically and mentally tired. At this point I wanted the race to be over. I even had to stop for a few seconds to catch my breath and tighten up my knee brace. However, with a pat on the back from a fellow racer, I was back to racing. I told myself to not worry about time at this point, but to just finish the race.

Another thing about mile 4 was the length. Up until this point, the mile markers and my GPS were on target. However, I passed the mile 4 marker at 4.03 miles. I passed the mile 5 marker at 5.05 miles. Mile 6 was even more off. Running a course and knowing halfway through that it is going to be long is not good for a runner’s morale.

I did see my parents at around mile 5!

I’ll spare you all the details of the last few miles. It was a lot more trails, running through drainage ditches (not fun!), and loose sand. The course ended up being long…almost a 1/10 of a mile too long!

This was my face at the actual 6.2 mile mark… clearly not too happy. 😦

My Garmin time finish was 53:15. Not what I wanted. I was shooting for the 50:00 mark, but all things considered, I’ll take it.

My “official” time clocked in at 53:26. I placed #123 overall (23 is my lucky number!).

Race splits:
Mile 1: 7:28.56 (too fast!)
Mile 2: 8:01.20
Mile 3: 8:28.69 (start of loose sand)
Mile 4: 9:04.54 (trails)
Mile 5: 9:08.71 (more trails)
Mile 6: 8:39.14
.29 end: 2:25.09

At the finish they had oranges, bananas, water, and other goodies for the runners. I grab a few items:

Why do all races have the Wheaties fuel? I don’t even like the stuff and I don’t know why I grabbed it. I guess running 6.2 6.29 miles does that to you. I wasn’t too hungry at the finish so I ate half a banana with a few cups of water.

I took a few obligatory post race pictures.

It took about 4 or 5 tries to get my dad to smile… and then we got this. 🙂

10K down! Next stop… half- marathon! 🙂

Despite the terrain, the distance, and the toilet situation, it was a pretty good race. I had fun with it (even though my knees are hurting again!) The race staff was friendly and helpful and the course was well-marked. I’m not sure if I would do this race again next year, but we’ll see. 🙂

After letting my stomach settle for a little bit, I made myself a post- race breakfast. Cinnamon raisin Ezekiel Bread with raspberry preserves, scrambled eggs, and a fruit salad of pomegranate arils, pineapple bites from the race, and a few Crasins.

Well I’m off to relax and finish up a few blog posts for later. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and really take the time to reflect on what this holiday means! 🙂

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  1. November 26, 2010 1:01 am

    Congrats on tackling the 10K! I’m right behind ya!


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