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Below you will find some of my favorite posts! I am currently building up this page, so bear with me. 🙂

The Post That Started It All

Running Posts:
My First “Long” Run
The First Time I Hit Double Digits
The Time I Ran After Getting  My Wisdom Teeth Pulled (4 miles and 6 miles)
The Time I Ran In 5° Weather
The First Time I Ran In Snow

Race Recaps:
All Race Recaps

Food Posts:
Harvest Thyme Cafe (Gainesville, FL)

Healthy Living Posts:
My Healthy Habits

Disordered Eating Recovery:
Finding Myself (Part I)
Facing My Fear Foods- Egg Yolks

Guest Posts:
My First Guest Blogger Feature With SunButter

Holiday Posts:
Thanksgiving 2010 (Part I and Part II)

Travel Posts:
Lakeland, FL- Florida Theatre Conference (October 2010) (Part I and  Part II)

Musical Theatre Posts:
A…My Name Is Alice (November 10, 12, 13, 2010)

Graduate School Preparation:
My Visit At The George Washington University (Washington, DC- December 2010)

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